Teenage bedrooms infest the Museum of the Home

Down in the basement can be found a mock-up of a strange place, of unusual decorations and motifs, of rebellion and solitude, of the teenager.…

A curious piece of tube history

Just outside Epping tube station, commuters might have noticed an old tube train rusting away, and thought little of it, but this locomotive is the remains of a…

See inside the restored Queen's House

An ill-fated house built for Queens but rarely used by them, used by governments and as an art gallery, and now newly restored.…

Gerald Scarfe and Pink Floyd at The Barbican

Drawings and designs by the surrealist artist, Gerald Scarfe are on display at the Barbican at the moment.…

What's on in London Today

Free   (6pm-7pm)
Discover some of the dynamic figures, revolutionaries, and unsung pioneering women from Battersea's past and the women's suffrage movement. ( )
This debate will explore how heritage research influences public and private sector decision-making - or not. ( )

Photo of Heritage and Research: bridging the gap


Ten Exhibitions That Are Closing Soon

Exploring the idea of “London living for a generation defined by who they are, not how old they are” (Ending Soon Fri, 28th Oct)


Photo of That's Not Me

The Poster Parade showcases a range of sporting posters, commissioned by London Underground over the past century,  (Ending Soon Sat, 29th Oct)


Photo of Poster Parade: Athletic appeal

A public photography project, art installation and exhibition.  (Ending Soon Sun, 30th Oct)

An exhibition marking the bicentenary of the opening of the first section of the Regent's canal from Paddington to Camden Town (Ending Soon Mon, 31st Oct)

An exhibition of iconic photographs documenting sparkling moments in the life of Freddie Mercury. (Ending Soon Sat, 5th Nov)


Photo of A Kind of Magic

Follow a 565-million-year journey and discover how the intertwined history of colour and vision has shaped the natural world. (Ending Soon Sun, 6th Nov)


Photo of Colour and Vision

A small display of Pearly Queens and Kings costomes. (Ending Soon Tue, 8th Nov)


Photo of Pearly Treasures

A light art display designed to disorientate the viewer - on display for the first time since 1971 (Ends on Sat, 12th Nov)

This small display celebrates the traditions associated with love, courtship and marriage in Iran and neighbouring regions. (Ends on Sun, 20th Nov)


Photo of Courting to contract - love and marriage in Iran

An exhibition from the London Fire Brigade museum in a temporary display while the main museum is closed. (Ends on Fri, 25th Nov)


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Regular Events on Today

(typically repeat each week)

Trace the origins of Art Deco design but also have a look at the movement’s best expressions ( )

Walking Tours of London

Midtown, linking the City and the West End, is the historic heart of the legal profession and home to long-standing estates as well as new developments like Bennetts Associates' New Street Square
The Nether World is George Gissing’s ultimately bleak portrayal of working class life in Clerkenwell in the 1880s ( )