London Events Happening in February 2015

Welcome to the IanVisits guide to lectures, talks, heritage events, organised walks and other random miscellany happening around London.

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


Monday, 2nd Feb

1:00 AMA Stress Test Of The Welfare State
F How did the welfare state in Europe cope with the Great Recession and the Eurozone crisis? While a lot of attention has been devoted to (home-made) stress tests of the banking sector, no attempt has b
9:30 AMQueen of the Sciences: a celebration of numbers and the London Mathematical Society
F In 2015, the London Mathematical Society – closely associated with UCL since its foundation – is 150 years old


Tuesday, 3rd Feb

1:15 PMLunch Hour Lecture: The Impact of Impacts: how the media play in the Death of the Dinosaur debates 
F Many people now believe that the dinosaurs were wiped out by the impact of a large asteroid about 66 million years ago
6:30 PM"Not in Our Name": contesting the (mis) use of psychological arguments in the immigration debate
F Anti-immigration arguments rest on a series of unfounded psychological assumptions
6:30 PMFrom Peking to Paris: China and the First World War (Harley Street)
B A panel share insights on China’s forgotten contribution to WWI.
(Cost: £10)


Wednesday, 4th Feb

1:00 PMThe Early Universe (Barbican)
F When did the first stars form? And how did they assemble to form the earliest galaxies? We shall look at what happened during the ‘dark ages’ that span the period between the Big Bang and
6:30 PMHuman Shield
F Recent debates about human shields in the summer bombardment of Gaza raised the question of how the unarmed human form comes to be regarded as a military instrument
6:30 PMLee Jackson - Dirty old London author talk (Muswell Hill)
Acclaimed Victorian London historian Lee Jackson is visiting us to talk about his new book Dirty old London: the Victorian fight against filth
(Cost: £2)


Thursday, 5th Feb

6:00 PMAccess to the Foreshore (Islington)
B Join the Thames Discovery Programme for an evening lecture to introduce the London’s Lost Waterway project .
(Cost: £5.95)


Friday, 6th Feb

6:30 PMThe Slow Journalism Company 2014: After the dust settled (South Kensington)
F There's no sense in reviewing the year when it's still going on


Saturday, 7th Feb

10:00 AMNormansfield Theatre Tour at Normansfield Theatre (Teddington)
F The Normansfield Theatre tour will include a one hour talk about our Grade II* listed Victorian theatre followed by a guided tour
11:00 AMShoreditch’s saucy side (Islington)
B Tour the art of archaeological erotica, from cheeky Venus figurines to explicit furnishings of Victorian gentlemen’s clubs.
(Cost: £7.88)
11:00 AMFriends of Brookmill Park river clean up (Deptford)
F All are welcome at this river, and riverbank, clean-up along Brookmill Park.


Sunday, 8th Feb

11:00 AMMonthly open day at the Amersham Fair Organ Museum
F A collection of Fairground Organs on display and performing for the audience.


Tuesday, 10th Feb

1:15 PMLunch Hour Lecture: Social Harmony and Religious Diversity: is conciliation possible?
F The tensions between social harmony and religious diversity are no longer exclusively a matter of scholarly interest
6:00 PMThe Beginning and the End: Images of the Universe (Barbican)
F Creation and Last Judgement, or Big Bang and Gravitational Collapse? Science has gradually explained away many cosmological phenomena that have been the cause of spiritual faith, but explanat
6:30 PMPlucked hens and principals: Tackling Dutch politics in seventeenth century England
F Professor Jason Peacey, UCL History, Jason has taught early modern British history at UCL since 2006, and his research focuses on political culture and the history of communication, most obviously in
6:30 PMLecture: The Pugins at Ramsgate
B A talk about the restoration of Pugin's private gothic home in Ramsgate.
(Cost: £11)
7:00 PM‘REWILDING’ with GEORGE MONBIOT, chaired by ZAC GOLDSMITH (Richmond)
B A talk and Q&A with George Monbiot chaired by Zac Goldsmith MP.
(Cost: £10)


Wednesday, 11th Feb

6:00 PMIs Human Evolution Over? (Barbican)
F Humans have evolved from ape-like ancestors over millions of years, of course; but also over thousands, for there are several cases in which we can identify natural selection - genetic change
6:30 PMHow Good We Can Be: ending the mercenary society and building a great country
F A compelling and sharply insightful lecture that will examine the state of Britain today and look forward to the Britain of tomorrow, from the bestselling author of The State We’re In
6:30 PMChildren's Rights in the Digital Age
F Are children’s rights enhanced or undermined by access to the internet? Charters and manifestos for the digital age are proliferating, but where do children fit in?# Sonia Livingstone (@Livingst


Thursday, 12th Feb

4:00 PMFirst World War series: Scottish women’s hospitals: the nurses of Royaumont
F B Alison O’Donnell explores the history of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals.
6:00 PMDeath in Disguise: The Amazing True Story of the Chelsea Murders
B Gary Powell examines this extraordinary case.
(Cost: £5.95)
6:00 PMLondon Gothic: Guided exhibition tour with the Curator
​Witchcraft, resurrectionists, ghosts and séances
(Cost: Free - drop in event)
6:30 PMThe Gin Library
B An evening of gin tastings at the Charles Dickens Museum.
(Cost: £22 including gin tasting & book binding workshop)


Friday, 13th Feb

6:30 PMAll that life can afford: London in 1765 (Camden)
Cliff Eisen and the dynamic historian Lucy Inglis, a renowned blogger on 18th-century London and author of the widely-a
(Cost: £10.00)
6:30 PMJohn Julius Norwich: The Great Cities (South Kensington)
F Join historian and writer, John Julius Norwich examines the impact and history of some of the greatest cities from the ancient world


Saturday, 14th Feb

10:00 AMOpening Weekend at the Farms (Waltham Abbey)
An open weekend at the Lee Valley farm near Waltham Abbey.
(Cost: £5.50)
1:00 PMLondon Gothic
F ​From terrible crimes to gruesome legends, London has long been to the backdrop to horrifying tales which quickly take root in popular imagination.
7:30 PMGaia: Global Circus
F We are confronted with global warming and the prospect of mankind’s end, but we feel almost nothing


Sunday, 15th Feb

10:00 AMOpening Weekend at the Farms (Waltham Abbey)
An open weekend at the Lee Valley farm near Waltham Abbey.
(Cost: £5.50)


Monday, 16th Feb

6:00 PMWhen Maths Doesn't Work: What we learn from the Prisoners' Dilemma
F Game Theory is a branch of mathematics which tells us how to outthink an opponent or competitor
6:30 PMThe Challenge of Big Data for the Social Sciences
F The ubiquity of "big data" about social, political and economic phenomena has the potential to transform the way we approach social science
7:00 PMIs Atheism just a Matter of Faith?
F For decades, some have argued that atheism is a matter of faith just as all other religions
7:00 PMDan Cruickshank: Britain's Great Palaces (South Kensington)
Join Dan Cruickshank, art historian and television presenter, as he explores a thousand years of 0British palace building
(Cost: £15)


Tuesday, 17th Feb

1:00 PMMöbius and his Band (Barbican)
F Many people have heard of the Möbius band, a one-sided surface, but the work of August Möbius was more far reaching than just inventing a topological curiosity
6:30 PMEnduring Ideas: the problem with capitalism (Camden)
In the second lecture of our ‘Enduring Ideas’ series Dr Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge and author of 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Cap
(Cost: £8.00)
6:30 PMIsambard Kingdom Brunel: The Man who built the world
F Brunel did not just build the world, he invented it
6:30 PMOsidge library monthly talk - Model Engineering and Miniature Railways (New Southgate)
F A presentation by Ron Manning of the Chingford and District Model Engineering Club


Wednesday, 18th Feb

6:30 PMAyn Rand, the Financial Crisis and the Age of Selfishness
F An illustrated lecture by graphic journalist Darryl Cunningham based on his new book, Supercrash: How To Hijack The Global Economy| , which traces the roots of our age of selfishness, the origins of
6:30 PMAlternative Valentine's with Robin Lee
B This installation of anatomical hearts will be in the museum throughout February, with only a few opportunities to view.
(Cost: £9.50)
7:00 PMHappy Birthday Royal Vauxhall Tavern! (South Lambeth)
F A presentation on the history of The Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) - London's oldest surviving gay venue.


Thursday, 19th Feb

6:30 PMStargazing walk (Forest Gate)
F Join the Friends of West Ham Park and discover the night sky in the park after dark! Children must be accompanied by an adult
6:30 PMThe Metamorphosis of World Cities
F Professor Beck will consider national and international politics as seen through the lens of world cities and their emerging power in world affairs
7:30 PMBuried Treasure? Valuing the Dead in Nineteenth-Century England (Highgate)
B A talk about the attitudes to burial in the years leading up to the birth of the Garden Cemetery movement.
(Cost: £7)


Friday, 20th Feb

6:30 PMHow dependent is the design profession on cultures of migration? (South Kensington)
F Immigration has been a bargaining point between the political parties in the run up to the 2015 election and can be seen to particularly divide attitudes to working cultures in the UK
6:30 PMFathomless riches: Revd Richard Coles in conversation (Camden)
The Reverend Richard Coles is a parish priest in Northamptonshire and a regular host of BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live
(Cost: £10.00)


Saturday, 21st Feb

10:00 AMBirds of Richmond Park (Ham)
F Peter Burrows-Smith from Friends of Richmond Park is hosting a Birds of Richmond Park course at Pembroke Lodge


Sunday, 22nd Feb

10:30 AMHugglets Winter Bear Fest (Kensington)
Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals are held twice a year at Kensington Town Hall
(Cost: £4)


Monday, 23rd Feb

1:00 PMSylvia Kent – Barking and Dagenham from old photographs – Dagenham Library
F Illustrated talk by Sylvia Kent based on her book Barking and Dagenham from old photographs


Tuesday, 24th Feb

6:30 PMWhat Future For World Society?
F This event will mark the life of one of Europe’s most inspirational sociologists, Professor Ulrich Beck| (15 May 1944 – 1 January 2015) who had a long and profitable engagement with the Departmen


Wednesday, 25th Feb

1:00 AMPerceptions of Madness: understanding mental illness through art, literature and drama
F How mental illness is portrayed in art, literature and on TV can have a positive or negative effect on how the public perceives mental ill health


Thursday, 26th Feb

6:00 PMRosetta: Unlocking Secrets from Ancient Egypt to a Comet (Barbican)
F Just as the Rosetta Stone and the Philae Obelisk became the key to interpreting hieroglyphs and understanding ancient Egyptian civilisation, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe and it
7:45 PMThe Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day
A talk about the lack of improbability in our lives.
(Cost: £3)


Friday, 27th Feb

12:00 AMThe Bigger Picture: Faking It (South Kensington)
F In a world of photo filters and digital manipulation, how can we spot real skill? Image editing can enhance a stunning shot but may also be misleading
1:00 AMHigh Culture and the Western Canon: has the fightback begun?
F With the BBC having announced a remake of Kenneth Clark's TV series Civilisation, and Melvyn Bragg’s intellectual cornucopia on Radio 4, In Our Time, now in its 17th year, we will be asking whether
11:00 AMBayfordbury Observatory Open Evening
B Monthly open evening at the Bayfordbury Observatory telescopes.
(Cost: £5)
11:00 AMMonthly open day at the Dorich House Museum (Putney)
A museum in the studio home of sculptor Dora Gordine and her husband the Hon. Richard Hare.
(Cost: £4)


Saturday, 28th Feb

1:00 AMThe Stones of Venice: foundations and future
F Venice has captivated artists and writers for hundreds of years, but in a city whose literal foundations are under threat from tourism, this discussion asks what is the value of heritage, is it worth